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The creative concept of Becoming Maternity Boutique to offer environmentally-conscious, fashionable and affordable maternity clothing in Colorado was born during my own pregnancies. Frustrated with the lack of affordable options and driven by my own desire to fashionably cloth my growing bump – on a budget – I turned to thrift stores for loose fitting summer wear. When pregnant with my second child, I suffered through the winter in uncomfortable non-maternity pants, refusing to invest in the high price tags of a new maternity wardrobe for my last pregnancy.

The pregnant body is ever-changing, making online maternity wear solutions obsolete before the package can even reach your doorstep. The convenience of the mobile Becoming Boutique will take the guess work out of sizing and ensure your personal style stays in tact throughout your transformation. And for environmentally conscious families, recycling gently loved fashions is a more affordable option for maternity clothing. It only makes “cents” to save your dollars for your growing family.

It’s been said that opportunity is preparedness and timing. Armed with a good idea, the perfectly timed opportunity has presented itself with the purchase of my boutique on wheels. Becoming Boutique LLC. will be realized, born, with consumer-focused convenience, affordability and community nurtured synergy as our building blocks. We want to empower all women, regardless of their social economic status, with the luxury to embrace the beauty and transformation of their pregnancy.

Becoming Maternity Boutique

Becoming Maternity LLC (aka Becoming Boutique) is a Colorado-based, socially and environmentally conscious boutique offering gently-loved maternity clothing, flattering postpartum wears and a small selection of baby items. The carefully curated inventory will be frugally acquired in an effort to pass the savings along to the consumers. You can have brand name maternity clothing at a fraction of the new retail cost.

To provide a truly sustainable, community-focused business model, we encourage mothers to contribute clothing to the boutique for reuse by other mothers-to-be.

In addition, more personalized services including personal styling, videography and photography will Becoming.

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The joys, and woes, of motherhood offer a unique sisterhood through shared experiences. I invite you to join me on this journey and follow my mommy adventure blog, Becoming More »

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